Siren Shield v1.0 is a personal counter surveillance software that monitors police activity. 
this software is freely available for download.  Made with Maxime Lethelier & Norbert Schnell.

Requirements: OSX

DOWNLOAD (110MB) => SirenShield v1.0.zip

Siren Shield Radar installed outside Ars Longa for the exhibition Siren shields (21 June - 18 July 2009)

Siren Shield Radar installed on a private balcony in Paris.

View of the exhibition Siren Shields at Ars Longa 

The Siren Shield mix desk
Police Party sound performances by: La Section Amour, Mister. Y, Alexis Chazard & Michaël Sellam, Two.Left.Ears
Pictures of the Police Party are here

06/07/09 Article "Sirènes hors-champ" par Marie Lechner publié dans le Libération