Edition nº6,  Mains d'oeuvres , Saint-Ouen 93400, 2006

Concue avec le soutien de Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italie (2001) et le Conseil Générale de la Seine St Denis (2003).

A modular light system that responds to touch: through the electromagnetic fields of the human body. The hexagonal units can be assembled in any shape and modulated to compose multiple lighting situations. Light Brix is architecture composed by light.


Edition nº5, à London, "Paris Calling", The Great Eastern Hotel, 2006, photo HeHe

Edition nº3, Trienale Milano, Italy, 2004, courtesy Federico de Giuli (collection privé), photo HeHe

Edition nº2, "Pas Vu pas Pris", Paris, 2003, photo HeHe